NOTHING ESSENTIAL CHANGES, nothing but love zine

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10 pages (font and back 20 pages)
color cover page
black & white guts
photo laser paper

NOTHING ESSENTIAL CHANGES, nothing but love //Return of Saturn Zine
WSV has collated images, body scans and diary entries in this zine about the process of transformation. The book acknowledges the trials and tribulations that occur with self-actualization, with honoring the past and changing for the future. WSV takes subtle nods to artists they admire such as Jenny Holzer, Robert Mapplethorpe, Theodoros Stamos, Sam Francis, Jasper Johns and creates the concept that all these artists are connected to their life--not just metaphorically but through astral and cosmic means. By comparing these distorted images of their body to that of the art works themselves, they become less and less their identity but the whole: EVERYTHING ON THIS PLANET AS WE KNOW IT. Re-occuring themes of the story of "the egg", the artist journeys through their Saturn in Return with optimism, hope and with just a dash of nihilism. Because in the end, nothing really matters does it?

*available in ALL color by request*